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dedicated Short Haul & yard management services

Building efficiencies to help you cut costs and streamline your supply chain.

Yard spotting, short shuttles, warehousing, product consolidation, and more!

Congratulations to the US 1 Shorthaul Division on receiving the 2023 Middle Mile Safety-Yard Provider of the Year Award for all of Target!

Leave the Last Mile to Us.

US1 ShortHaul offers short division logistics services throughout the lower 48 states, leading with integrity, experience, and most of all- safety. By utilizing the latest supply chain management technology, we implement an efficiency-driven process that provides our customers with practical solutions tailored to meet their goals with precision.

A vital part of providing a focused, time sensitive service such as yard spotting or short haul shuttles, is the ability to measure productivity.

Each operation is established with its own set of Permanent trucks (for long-term contracts)

The Flexible Capacity program allows the customer to have a pre-established rate for any incremental yard trucks, shuttle tractors or trailers in the event of a surge in business or temporary change in scope of work.

We Make it Safe

Safety is our No.1 priority to ensure your team is well-taken care. We host regular safety meetings and trainings, with software available to easily track incidents.

We Make it Personal

Each long-term contract is set up as a business of its own, allowing our on-site management to work directly with you to open visibility and enhance operations.

We Make it Easy

Everything you need is all in one place. Each operation has its own dedicated pool of drivers, with customizable options for scheduling, rates, and more.

Flexible Capacity Program

At US1 ShortHaul, we understand perfectly well that no two operations are alike. That's why we strive to veer away from "standard" and instead give our customers a variety of options to simplify their business, on their terms. We supply a pre-determined rate for any incremental yard trucks, shuttle tractors, or trailers in the event of operational changes or the duration of service. Contact us to learn more!

All of our drivers are carefully vetted for quality and safety. We work with all types of loads and container sizes!

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Short Haul Service
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From parking rules to moving trailers in a pinch, we handle all aspects of yard management.

Yard Management Service
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