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Nationwide Short Haul & Yard Management Solutions

US1 ShortHaul is part of the US1 Logistics family, with a vast reach that stretches from coast to coast. When you need quick transportation solutions to get your supply chain moving, no matter where you're located within the 48 states, our professionals are ready to provide quick, reliable service that saves time and money.

From warehousing to drivers, get access to advanced technology and resources with one simple call.

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Servicing the 48 States
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Find an agent close to you! We make it easy to streamline the supply chain without having to go far.

Over 40+ locations!
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Next Level Transportation

US1 ShortHaul delivers five-star logistics expertise throughout the continental US, with 40+ locations to give you easy access to a full range of short haul and yard management resources.

State of the Art Yard Management Systems

Our process targets efficiency at every level of the supply chain, and it starts the moment you discuss your goals with us and we formulate a plan together. By utilizing the latest tracking and reporting software, you're always ahead of the curve, with clear visibility of what works and what can be improved to help you save even more.

Personalized Customer Service

Trust plays a crucial role in this industry, and you can rest assured that it's the cornerstone of our reputation as one of the leading logistics companies in the nation. A member of our team is available 24/7 to assist you. Contact us to schedule a consultation!

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