Consumer Packaged Goods

Consumer Packaged Goods Logistics

Fast & Efficient Shipping for Time-Sensitive Cargo

From food items to beverages and pharmaceuticals to beauty products, consumer packaged goods can be tricky to ship because of the time-sensitive aspect that most of these items require. At US1 Shorthaul, we specialize in local and regional trucking services that prioritizes time. We are familiar with the best routes to ensure that any type of freight is delivered in the freshest condition, with no delays!

Top-Grade Equipment

There is little room for error when shipping consumer packaged goods, as delays can be costly. We utilize the latest supply chain management technology and transloading practices for efficiency.

Secure & Safe

Around the clock surveillance and top-tier security systems are used to keep consumer packaged cargo safe when on the go.

The Customer Always Comes First

We keep you in the loop with automatic updates and open communication for full visibility of your supply chain.

Consumer Packaged Goods Shipping Services
Consumer Packaged Goods Shipping Services

We Handle Every Aspect of Your Shipment

Shipping perishables doesn’t have to be complicated. US1 Shorthaul can take care of the specialized paperwork needed, provide LTL services, and supply your shipment with refrigerated‍ equipment to keep it at the exact temperature these items require for optimal freshness. 

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