5 Safety Tips for Short Haul Drivers to Always Remember

March 23, 2023
Courtney L.

Cargo theft is one scary phrase that always keeps logistics professionals on their toes. But with a surge of cargo theft incidents in 2022 leading to the loss of an estimated $223 million in goods in the US and Canada, it’s no surprise that it’s such a hot topic.

Truck drivers have to be especially careful, as their trucks are often the targets. Thieves are pretty darn smart and take extreme measures to get a crack at the precious cargo within a trailer, even hiding in bushes and surveilling parking lots for hours.

In this blog post, we share our 5 biggest tips drivers can take to keep their cargo guarded.

Keep it Moving

Short haul drivers should always keep it on the road as much as possible until deliveries are finished. When a vehicle is left idle in a parking lot, it’s the perfect opportunity for thieves to strike. 

If you must stop for an extended period of time, make sure everything is locked up and you’re parked in a busy, well-lit area with cameras.

Implement Security Software

Technology makes things easier for drivers, and should definitely be utilized to keep all goods accounted for. 

Some of the most popular security software includes surveillance cameras to keep an eye on things, along with tracking mechanisms to show where a package is at all times. Use high-grade, heavy duty locks on all truck and trailer doors.

Cargo Theft Training

Theives are changing up their tactics all of the time. It’s important to stay informed on how cargo theft is evolving by following the news. Also keep your drivers and staff in the loop by holding regular safety meetings.

Properly Vet Shippers and Drivers

Fraud and deception are common ways thieves trick shippers, brokers, and drivers into delivering cargo into the wrong hands. Always thoroughly vet the companies you work with, checking credentials, certifications, contact information, and backgrounds.

Cyber Security

In today’s world, phishing and other cyber scams are on the rise, giving thieves access to important and sensitive shipping information that helps them finagle how to get their hands on shipments.

Cyber security can help combat this, recognizing suspicious activity. It’s also important to watch what information is shared on company websites. For example, it might be better to share one common contact for customers instead of multiple personal contacts. 

Be careful when identifying customers or sharing about the products your company handles.

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