5 Tips to Save on Fuel Costs

November 28, 2022
Courtney L.

A single longhaul truck sucks up about 20,500 gallons of gasoline per year compared to a regular passenger car, which uses about 500 gallons annually. This just goes to show how high the fuel consumption rate is in the trucking industry, cutting into profits and leaving behind a less-than-favorable carbon footprint.

That’s why it’s more important than ever for truck drivers to be mindful about ow they fill up. Every penny counts, and a few simple tricks can make all of the difference. We share our best fuel saving tips here.

1. Slow down

Speeding only burns up more fuel, not to mention how unsafe it is. Truckers should drive the speed limit or even a little bit slower than recommended to burn less in a single trip. It’s also smart to watch your speedometer- over time you can pinpint the mleage that gets the best fuel efficiency.

2. Crank the windows

The air conditioner can be tempting to use when temperatures climb, but unfortunately it also burns up fuel. Whenever possible, lower the windows instead and give your air conditioner a break. Not only do you get a nice energy boost from the breeze, but the fresh air isn’t too shabby either.

3. Find the deals

With smartphones and tablets, it’s easier than ever to find what you’re looking for via apps. This includes truck drivers! You can pull up maps that let you compare gas prices in a particular area, so you can scout our the best deals.

4. Check the tire pressure

Tire pressure is important, especially where fuel savings is concerned. You want to check the pressure of each tire before every trip, as even one drop in PSI can lower your gas mileage by 0.3%.

5. Chuck items you don’t need

The more stuff you carry with you on trips, the more your truck weighs, and yep- you guessed it- the more fuel you burn. Try to minimize by leaving out unnecessary items. Not only is this fuel efficient, but it also declutters your rig.

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