Clever Packaging Tricks for Short Haulers

November 28, 2022
Courtney L.

For shorthaul drivers, the final leg of a delivery is arguably the most important. You’re down to the wire to get cargo delivered on time, and all in one piece. 

Packaging plays a pivotal role in how a cargo travels, which makes it imperative for shippers to understand the most efficient ways to package and handle items. Changing road conditions, climates, and handling can all impact a shipment. Your packages need to be well protected and easy to transport.

In this blog post we share some of our smartest packaging tips for short haul deliveries.


Pallets are one of the most popular ways to package shipments, especially for LTL shipments. They come in standard sizes and make it easy to organize products together for extra stability and no-fuss moveability.


For high value, fragile items, nothing provides the most protection from damages quite like a crate. Goods are enclosed within a wooden box that tends to be on the heavy side. Because of this, the cost to ship can go up.

Securing materials

Shrink wrap, bands, wenches, and clips can all be used to help secure packages properly, especially if you’re stacking boxes or pallets. This ensures items don’t slide around or bump into other products or walls during transit.


For durable items, cardboard boxes are your best bet. You’ll want to make sure they are sturdy and new for the best protection. Pack them up without leaving space and use packing tape to seal the boxes firmly. Accurate labeling is highly important! Cardboard boxes are perfect for stacking to save space.


Damages aren’t the only worry when shipping goods. Lost packages must also be taken into consideration when packaging, and the best way to lower the risk is with proper labeling. Labels must be clear and easy to find. Make sure to include the name, phone number, and address of the shipper and the consignee.

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