How to Improve Warehouse Safety Protocol

March 23, 2023
Courtney L.

The warehouse is a place of productivity. Shipments are constantly moving in and out, making it important for a smooth flow of multiple supply chains to take place.

However, that means there is constant performance pressure, no room for delays, and the word “busy” becomes an understatement.

What do all of these have in common? Safety is compromised.

Workplace accidents can happen anywhere, and while it’s not always possible to prevent them, there are ways to lower the risk. That’s where warehouse safety protocols come into the picture.

In this blog post, we share 6 ways to improve your operations with safety in mind.


A strong foundation paves the way for success, and for safety, that’s what organization is. In a warehouse, space must be optimized and aisles kepy clear at all times. 

Use tape and signs to raise awareness of how to move throughout the warehouse and designate areas that must be avoided by foot traffic, such as forklift operation areas.

Keep it Clean

Teamwork isn’t just about keeping supply chains humming along. It also encompasses responsibilities, such as cleaning. When a warehouse is clean, safety is upheld. Floors should be swept throughout the day to prevent trip and fall situations from loose debris. 

When spills occur, they must be mopped up immediately with the proper warning sign put up until the area dries.

Protective Clothing

Loose clothing can get stuck in machinery, so it’s important to have protective clothing and accessories on hand for warehouse workers. This includes neon vests, hard hats, gloves, masks, and eye-wear.

Training Sessions

Regular training is always a good idea. It keeps warehouse workers on the same page regarding what is expected and how to operate. Go over safety measures and emergency plans. Regular CPR and first-aid training keeps skills fresh.

Emergency Equipment

Always keep emergency equipment easily accessible, and go over how to to use each item with staff during training sessions. Regular checks ensure all supplies are stocked and not expired. 

Optimize Management

With so much happening on the scene, management can streamline processes and make operations fully visible, reducing the risk of confusion and accidents. Management software automates processes, so it’s easier for workers to juggle tasks and have full transparency.

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