How Yard Management Software Optimizes the Supply Chain

September 6, 2022
Courtney L.


Yard Management Systems

The logistics industry is always evolving. The demand for faster shipping times is at an all time high, making it challenging for shippers to keep up with the flow while keeping costs low.

Yard management is highly important to help optimize the supply chain. Containers are constantly moving in and out, making it challenging to have the full visibility that’s necessary to improve operations.

One way in that yard management streamlines processes is with technology. Yard management software yields immediate results with rapid efficiency. Here’s how!

1. Real-Time Visibility

With an advanced management software system in place, keeping track of numerous containers moving in and out of the yard becomes a piece of cake. You always know where a trailer is within the yard and the cargo its holding, all on a screen in front of you. When you’re in a time crunch, you can immediately assess stock on hand. 

2. Paperwork is Easier to Share 

Do you hate paperwork? Well, we can’t really say we’ve ever met anyone who loves it! With an automated system, you don’t have to worry about that never-ending stack on your desk any longer. Now, you can manage and share important documents, identify, and validate loads straight from a tablet.

3. Efficient Movement

No more sending workers into the fray to locate a specific trailer. With yard management software operation efficiency is boosted since you can coordinate so many actions from a single platform. This includes assigning parking, tracking trailers, and monitoring arrivals and departures across centralized yards.

4. Meticulous Security

In the logistics industry, cargo theft is a hefty threat, especially where idle loaded containers are concerned. One of the biggest benefits of a yard management system is that security is enhanced, since trailer positions are always noted, regular inspections are made, and there is always an audit trail for loss prevention.

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