Safety Workplace Practices

High Quality Short Haul Services

Insured & Secured

There is no priority higher than safety in the workplace, especially in the logistics industry. At US1 Shorthaul we take great pride in ensuring that all of the services rendered follow strict measures for success.

We provide short-haul and yard management services, and both require the highest dedication to safety. Our drivers are professionals with experience. They are vetted for safety, with spotless driving records to prove this. You can bet that we carry up-to-date certifications, permits, and insurance that further shows how we prioritize the safe handling and delivery of our shipments.

Fully Visible, Open Communication

Optimized Yard Management

Our yard management services are also optimized with safety in mind. We utilize state-of-the-art management software that helps boost the organization, communication, and process efficiency for an all-around safer yard. With equipment and containers moving in and out daily, you can rest assured that we have one of the most organized systems in the industry. Furthermore, our workers are kept up to date with safety measures through certification and regular training.

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